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Make up Is A Art

17 November
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  • Penair School - Truro, England - Cornwall, United Kingdom (1998 - 2000)
  • Truro College - Truro, England - Cornwall, United Kingdom (2000 - 2002)
I am a huge fanatic of jdramas and animes they seemed to be much better than our normal soaps, never truely been one for emerdale or hollyoaks etc but give me a good drama even not in english can be japaanese, taiwanese, italian etc and i am royally hooked. Also a pure gamer at heart, i play mmos such as loa and jade dynasty, i also am a fan of the final fantasy series although not fond of 11 in any shape or form. I am a geek in many senses such as i adore doctor who, csi, torchwood, numbers etc etc

other than that i have a 2 year old daughter, partner and am engaged :) just trying to jot down some of my thoughts etc so this small brain doesnt get over logged.

I am very big on makeup, the typical girly girl so you can expect a lot of entrys concerning make up lol

i am sure you will find out more about me as time goes on.