FALL 2010 Makeup Lines


Hey fellow gurus!

Over the summer and now as were hitting the autumn there is some amazing makeup lines and products are coming out or have come out during summer. Some limited editions and some complete lines. A lot of companies are now bringing out new lines for the fall season such as LANCOME, MAC, NARS, SEPHORA and ESTEE LAUDER also brought out some new items during the summer.


lancomes new fall line is "french coquettes" and there are some gorgeous products in this line, the colours range from nudes, charcoals, plums and more. Some items are available now and have been shipping since 15th august. Everyone should really check out there line there is some stunning shades.

I am quite excited for the Cherry Chérie eyeshadow and rouge temptress lipshine. Cherry kiki lipstick also looks stunning.

if your looking for a chic look this season then really check out these line and also look out for La Rose Deco which is the gem from all the line.



Surreal Violet

Blue Dahlia

Whilst lancome is more dark pink, charcoals and such EL has gone for a different line for fall bringing out there Blue Dahlia and surreal violet shades which are stunning blues and purples. I must personally admit i am not too excited for this line due to the fact i have many blues and purples but i must admit the shades are stunning as you can see in the photos. I adore the packaging of everything and the lip glosses are also stunning shades not too keen on the nail polishes though.



The new nars fall line features a range of colours from grey to yellow. I am not fond of the shades or this line to be honest, i feel compared to mac, lancome and estee lauder i feel they could have done much better than these colours as there are so many alternatives of the same or similar shades.



Burmese Beauty

Leopard Luxe

Palace Pedigreed

I must admit there fabulous felines range is gorgeous, there are a lot of colours which can be found similar elsewhere but i doubt of the same quality. They have three different styles depending on your mood such as BURMESE BEAUTY, LEOPARD LUXE AND PALACE PEDIGREED.




credit to soofthegeek.com for the last image :)

I am uber uber excited about this line which has come to sephora which is tokidoki. there is so many stunning colours but it isnt that which draws me and many to it. But its the style of the packaging and design of the line. It is so cute and attractive that you fall in love with the designs. They have thought of all the packaging from the palettes to the brushes. it is rare to find brushes which are not just plain so when i saw these brushes i must admit i am extremely tempted :)


I hope you have found this entry helpful :)

Back To School


When i was younger i use to love summer it was pure fun. No school, No work, Nothing to do but lie in, sun bathe for hours and non stop hanging out with friends. As i got older i realised those years were some of my best, i had no responsibilities, no work commitments, no children to constantly watch on the beach just so they don't take someones spade, throw sand at people or just munch away at the grittiness.

Even though i do still have fun during the summertime due to my little girl, i do sometimes miss the days i could just lie on a towel all day and read a book or just relax without jumping up every two minute. But now summer is coming to a end and all we have to look forward to is a cold winter and lots and lots of rain, expecially if you live in the uk like i do. :) The only good thing about september looming towards me is the fact that my little one begins nursery three days a week leaving me eight hours for two of the days and four hours for the third day which means i can do the cleaning and other jobs without having to check back every five minutes and it gives me more time to film more tutorials for my youtube channel. :)

For all of you who are going back to school, i have a new tutorial for you all. Over the last two months i have recieved so many requests for a "back to school look". I have finished one look which is really pretty and subtle enough to bring out your eyes without those detention slips. Now i fully understand that not everyone can afford high end products such as mac, urban decay or nars ranges. So i decided to do two tutorials with two different looks one using mac and the other drug store brands just to show you can get a gorgeous look without a damaging blow to your wallets.




Primer/Moisterizer - olay - multi radiance

Bourjois healthy mix foundation in vanille
Rimmer london lasting finish mineral natural beige powder
sleek bronzer in bronze baby


Primer - Eye brightener/primer by No7 from boots

MAC Pigment in Da Bling
MAC pigment in Honesty
NYC lightest pink from the pink-mauve/rose-mauve trio
MAC black eyeliner
Gosh Haute Precision Mascara


Astor Mikado Lip & Chic - Lipstick Blush - Sweet Ka Wai
Plump potion clear from physician formula


Hey everyone,

You know i swear in summer everyone in the United Kingdom goes overboard, as soon as they see just a glimmer of sun that's it, the deck chairs, towels, wind breakers, tents, zero clothing and no sun lotion. I swear they just like to bake in the sun and then suffer the following week or two by simply plastering themselves with after sun lotion and then constantly saying "ow" because they cannot lean back into the cushions or walk right if your like me who burns the inside of the crease on the back of the knee which hurts like a mofo id like to say XD

This is now the situation i am finding myself in, this past week i have been spending a lot of time with my family literally doing something everyday as the youtubers know :D so after 3 sight seeing trips and four beach days i am now severely burnt because the first beach day i refused to go into the sea or use sun lotion as i was sick of always being pale like a vampire. So after a hour just in the sun lying on my front listening to hot tunes i managed to burn all my legs, mind you i did not notice til 5 hours later when the pain kicked in, honestly guys i was in agony the first night, i had managed to burn the inside of my knee inside the crease and all down from there to my ankle. So much so standing up straight pulled the skin and hurt like hell.

So the following few days i was lathered with sun lotion, really high as well and i now am burnt everywhere although that does not hurt as much as my legs even with after sun im in agony there. in the evenings i have to turn on the shower for freezing water which turns warm the second it touches my skin. it feels like it has blistered i cannot see behind me haha so no clue but as long as i go brown ill be happy, wont be going out in the sun without anything on next time.

The last day at the beach with ALL the family hence the "all" as there was 28 of us on there and that was 10 kids lol 3 teenagers and the rest adults poor beach didnt know what hit them, we went into the sea and gosh it was weird as anything as we was almost drowning it was so hot, so many body boarders and the waves freaking threw us back to shore. people pay hundreds of pounds for a body sea-weed wrap and me and kay got them for free as we would come up from the waves, pull up our swimming cossys as the waves kept pulling them down lol. no one saw anything thankgod. as i said we would come up from the waves with seaweed handing off our hair rofl. we came home and got changed and it was literally everywhere XD

So much has happened in such a short time, as i said above with the beach, due to me not having time to do videos i have insted been filming daily of the beaches and places we went to so i can do a three part video sesh including a lot of the popular beaches such as st ives, newquay, perranporth, mawgen porth just to name a few as a lot of my usa youtubers have been asking me to do a collage of clips showing the beaches around us :) other than that i have a video coming up soon of a maize maze we went to which is a huge maze made of corn which by the way is the worse thing you can go in when sun burnt and with a three year old but we all enjoyed it. took us three hours to finally get through it due to doubling back about 20 times, we went under one bridge 15 times and saw one guy 10 times to the point he asked if we needed help finding the exit as even when we was going the right way we kept getting lost. so ya you will see that video XD

I will be back doing videos on the 8th august, might be sooner if i get time but none the less you will be getting three videos... a tutorial, a review and a massive haul including mac, sleek, garnier and many other brands :) swatches will only be on this and not on the video.


Now onto other buisness i am in utter shock at how much i am enjoying big brother this year, i truely thought i would be hating it and have not watched all the other ones but this year it truely is the funniest thing i have seen in a long time. seeing andrew drunk and when he was sitting next to josie was hillarious, then now with this task where they cannot interact with the obvious is really funny concidering some of the stuff there adding into the house. There truely breaking all the rules this year which is i guess why i am loving it.


i finally managed to get a sleek circus pallet which i really did think i would not be able to get from my shops as for some reason they did not seem to have such a big stock in. :(


gosh i am so confused this month, i have my fiances birthday coming up and because he is 25 this year and his family never bother with him so i want to do something special but i am truely confused as i will be taking him out for a meal and movie possibly a date night but as for the present i am in two minds of buying a wii and a couple of games for him.. but am i spoiling him? lol

well everyone, stay safe, be happy and stay beautiful xxx

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Update - Including New Video And More

Hey everyone ^_^

I swear summer either is the best time of the year or the worst. Do not get me wrong i love the warm weather [when we get it] but i also hate it due to the fact i am fair headed i can get migraines due to being out in the sun for periods of time. But that is not the most annoying thing, i adore makeup as you all know and in the summer i have to tone down wearing bright colours and so forth due to it feeling heavy on me or due to sweating it can seep off.

I alway's struggle to find colours which look pretty, do not sweat off, are not heavy or clump on the face and are reasonably priced. I was sent 3 eyeshadows from a small company called Orglamix there mineral based products and are gorgeous shades. The colours i have had sent to me i have not come across from the big name brands so that was such a nice surprise. The creator of the colours is a sweetheart, really easy to talk to and is willing to give 100% refund if your not entirely pleased with her products. NOW that is something even some of the bigger companies do not offer. Also the colours you see in the photos are the colours you get which again is a plus.

There is such a wide selection of shades of eyeshadow in her shop and also loads of other cosmetic items so be sure to check her out.

Her website is - http://www.etsy.com/shop/orglamix

The three shades i got were

Moonstone - A gorgeous white with specks of gold.

Watermelon - Which is a gorgeous pink, but mix it with the moonstone and it turns peach.

and lastly Safron - which is a darker shade of pink/red which is stunning :)

As i have said already they really are pretty colours and with these three colours i did a video on a pretty summer look which i have wore 4 times since recieveing these eye shadows, i have no problems with them even thought i have sensitive skin, they last all day so i only had to touch up my lipgloss which was nice and loads of people commented on my makeup.

The video below is a tutorial using them, if you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Enjoy ^_^

Keep safe and keep creating,

Sam xx
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Gosh... busy busy

Hey guy's

How has everyone been? been a while since i updated my LJ account.  A lot has happened, i have gotten much more serious about my makeup and opened a channel on youtube. I basically have on there reviews, vlogs, hauls and also tutorials on many different makeup styles. Currently i have 10+ videos on there and new videos get's added twice a week as well :)

Currently i am working on numerous requests for tutorials and slowly am getting through them all. I also had the pleasure of doing a tutorial which was sponsered by jane iredale cosmetics and got compliments from them and there pr time which was utterly amazing and such a huge confidence boost.

If i could i would love to do this for a living but unfortunately going back to college just is not possible nor is studying at home when you have a three year old to look after. So trying to think how i can better myself and get qualified.

Also recently brought a fair few mac products including 10 7.5g eyeshadow pigments and a black eyeliner pencil by them. As i have heard nothing but good reviews from Mac products. I also brought a 120 eyeshadow pallet and a 24 brush kit. So i am really excited for when those arrive.

Here is one of my tutorials for you all to check out.


Also i am taking requests from you guys as well as the community on twitter and youtube.

Eye Shadows

Over the christmas period i noticed i had run out of some shades of eye shadow i love. Unfortunately i knew two was discontinued so really wanted to find something similar to the style i found prior. But at the moment the prices just for one eye shadow or a trio now is getting to be really expensive. Almost £8 to £20 in some cases for a mascara in normal size????? £7 to £30 for foundations???? and eyeshadow pallets are just becoming so much money to buy. Even brushes now are becoming more expensive, i do not think any family women could sit back and justify to there partner why they spent £50 on just seven makeup brushes it seems severely unreal what some companys and brands are charging for there products.

I have already shown some good sites who are good and cheap for eyeshadows and false eye lashes, I have also done a big review on some of the best and old mascaras out there and the prices so i thought i would do something simple concerning makeup eyeshadow pallets and some sites to give people a idea on some of the best deals out there online and in shops at the moment.


The sites/shops i have brought the products from are all listed below.




Beauty uk eyeshadow No1

Beauty uk eyeshadow No2

Beauty uk eyeshadow No3

Beauty uk eyeshadow No4


£3.99 For whole set

£1.89 many more styles as cheap as this on there site, i am not listing them all. xD

£7.99 loose glitter

after seeing how many there is now and the colours, i can say there is some brilliant deals out there at the moment although i kinda only brought the glitter pallet haha. XD but got a lot with it and it is pretty impressive concidering the price.
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I swear this year has started the same way last year did and the year before and the year before that. I woke up, cup of tea, put out some washing, did another washing load, washed up, cleaned the livingroom and hoovered. Got little one up, breakfast and tea for her then had to clean kitchen surfaces and what mess she made in the livingroom.  Fed the cat and sat down for lunch.

So far everything is just the very same as last year nothing special, nothing new just the same old boring routine. my fiance is at work and will not be home til tonight so i am running around to keep myself busy else id end up bored. Weather is ok ish hoping the load of washing dries or at least two parts does.

She will be going up for a nap in half a hour and then i start ironing the washing which has dried already and putting it away, washing the kitchen floor, bathroom floor and hoovering the bedrooms. [of course before she settles as she plays for half a hour before napping for some weird reason] once she is alseep then i put the washing up away and clean the cooker. Then either the washing will be dry and start the ironing process again or maybe i can sit for a time with a tea and watch some tv. Unlikely as soon as i sit down no doubt my phone will go off or i will notice something else which needs doing.

I swear sometimes i love being a home mum raising lil one, keeping house and so forth and doing my jewlerry and so forth but sometimes it feels like the same old thing every single day and it does sometimes get me down. As i cannot do any designs or start to build them without little one being in bed so i am either completely shattered by the evening or she just will not settle. lol i guess this is what life truely is a pattern xD


As for my jewlerry side of thing's for some reason a whole new idea for a line came to me when i was sleeping, weird that it came to me as a dream but i now have ideas for three neck necklaces, two chokers, two rings, five bracelets and seven earrings so that is pretty good going. Although i am currently only putting it to paper working through colours and what sort of stuff i wish to use. Getting some new equiptment as i need some new tools and then i will be using my graphic tablet and putting them to photoshop and working through the colours and so forth seeing how they look then but at least i do have something in my mind now.

So that is now two lines i have in the works and some smaller item's so when i open my shop finally online for the time being at least i can be somewhere. xD


also i have decided that i might as well start using my qualification and try to think up some clothing ideas and sell them on my shop as well. As i do have a few ideas in that line as well but i tend to only want to make things when i have the right mind too or find a fabric which i truely fell in love with. Last time i made something, i made it for my mother and it was a mid length dress, light blue floral patterned, bodice on the top and it was flowing at the bottom, thin straps but it was gorgeous since then though i have not wanted to make anything but since having my lil girl i am wondering if i should start designing somethings for children as that is where my passion lies.
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Happy New Year Everyone

Alas another year has passed, another christmas period spent stuffing your face and then vedging out on the sofa and id bet over a hundred times more people making up new new years resolutions even though they probably did not even complete last years. I have noticed that each year gets harder in the economy and also in life in generally but people still seem to pressure themselves with saying they will lose weight, stop smoking, swear less, drink less, eat less, spend more time with the family and so many more thing's over the next year. I think my resolution is to NOT place any resolutions up. Just to take life as one day at a time if i lose weight, stop swearing so much or suddenly come into money then that is fate and not because i decided i would attempt to get that way it is because it just happened. :)

But happy new year to everyone and i do hope with all my heart that you have a brilliant year to come :)


God today has been horrendous, the weather is freezing, no ice though thankgod. My house is not the warmest at the moment due to just moved in but quilts make up for that temperature drop. :) But idiot that i am i was moving boxes in the kitchen and trying to rush cause lil one was in a foul mood and not well. I wanted the washing machine full and on the go so i could sit with her and try to temp her to eat something light but as i loaded the washing machine she started to literally bug the hell out of the cat so i grabbed the washing machine door, swung it shut with force and bam i hit a flipping plastic box, causing the clasp to rip off the door with a clatter and boom..... i cant use the washing machine because the door will not lock shut.... so i have my partner needing his uniform done, sheets need washing as does numerous other item's of clothing and no means of doing it.

So i went back to the old days when my mums washing machine stopped working and took the clothes upstairs to our bathroom, set the bath up with boiling water, added the powder, softener etc and then began to wash the clothes by hand using the scrubber and everything, god knows why i have a scrubber but least i do. So now i have one set of washing drying on the line and her item's hanging in the bathroom. Got just five more big item's to do when the water has reheated up.


Now i have decided to vedge out on the sofa this evening, watch flash forward all night as it is showing back to back and then get a early night or turn on csi not flipping sure which way to go rofl.

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Comparison Entry - Mascara Brands

Over the years i have tried numerous mascaras to try and get the desired look i was going for and usually nine times out of ten i was dissapointed in the product. The adverts are very misleading when it comes to selling makeup products as the lashes they show using there mascara are wearing false eyelashes also so unfortunately the look on the tv advert and the look you get in the end is nothing alike. 

I noticed that the ones i chose either clumped and just destroyed my look, others would give minimal colour but would treat every single lash seperately which is good for the natural look but for something more eye opening and so forth i kinda find those pathetic. There is so many new mascaras coming out monthly and they all see to say the same thing, pump your lashes, double lashes, adds lash extensions, pulse gives extra volume etc etc but a lot of them just lack in the usage.

So i thought out of all the ones i use i would do a small comparison and explain what i found and also my favourite from them. I will also state how long they last etc which is always good, normally we touch up our make up through the day and night if were out but it would be nice if we did not have to do it as much xD

Mascara brands which are in this comparison


£1.95 on sale atm otherwise £2.79











Type Seven - Avon Colour Sparkle Lash and Line

Currently on offer with Avon £5 [normally £8], Or 2 for £7 or 3 for £10 on selected makeup item's.

 Type Eight - Avon SuperShock Mascara


Type Nine - Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara

£14.00 / $20.00

Type Ten - L'Oreal Telescopic Explosion Mascara



As you can see i have chosen a wide selection of different types, styles and also added some of the latest brands with some oldies. I personally have every single one of these mascaras or have tried them before and deciding to try a new one. Those reasons why i stopped using them i will state and also which ones i then moved to. :)

There should be something for everyone. Every girl wants there eye lashes to pop expecially if it increases the volume, length and also look of there lashes without having to wear false eye lashes. A lot of girls have trouble with either the glue the lashes come with or have toubles putting them on. Personally i watched a friend who had used lashes many times before go to put a set on like normal and without five minutes her eyes were burning even though it was the same product they had used before, she ended up in hospital. I had another friend who got a small ammount of glue in her eyes and that ruined her whole evening and she got away without going to the hospital so if using a mascara makes yours eye lashes stronger and longer without any adhesive it is very much worth it.




This product is very cheap, the packaging is standard and takes up a little bit of room inside your bag which can be a deterant and to be honestly i would say this item can only be effective as just a base for your lashes, the brush is large in width which is brilliant for a one stroke movement. The colour is very dark and does go on smoothly but unfortunately if you choose to use this as a build to work up your lashes you probably will find yourself dissapointed like i did because it does clump together and made my eyes looks like i had very few eyelashes. For the fuller look i did not really like this product and the wearability to be honest wasn't that good either it lasted half a day for me and when i used it on a evening out i had to build it back up once through the evening i then spent ten minutes trying to seperate my lashes and in the end i just couldn't be asked with repeating the movements so this mascara simply got put on the shelf. I am now only using this as a base for my lashes and using a secondary mascara to build up the volume. One thing i will add is that this is meant to be a lengthening mascara but from what i saw was there is actually numerous other mascaras out there which do a much better effect and in some cases they have a lengthening part seperate to the mascara which means you build better. Even as a lengthener mascara i have seen better.



This product from just the outside packaging was very attractive and compact also which is brilliant expecially for a night out, you can just slip it in your purse or bag along with a eyeliner and lip gloss and still have room for your camera, phone, money or other bits and bobs. I personally found due to the size i could fit in everything i wanted to take including some foundation and gloves [random yes]. Now onto the product just from the first stroke i really liked this mascara it seemed to give a silky base but mildly build up your lashes at the same time, giving a smokey appearance at first. It did not clump or cause the lashes to bunch up like the previous product. I allowed my eyes to dry and then applied a second coat to see how the build up does and it just went past my expectations, the build up was very dramatic and eye catching and it did look just mildly like everyday false eye lashes. I tend to always place a third and final coat on my lashes when building up them to get a desired effect sometimes even more. Once i had finished my lashes and allowed them to settle and applied the rest of my makeup and eyeliner on the top lids and bottom the whole effect changed into a full on dramatic look which i was very impressed with. Normally when a product boasts to give a huge effect on your lashes etc you tend to be a bit sceptical and expect it to flop but this one is one of my favourites if not the top one i use all the time when going out in the evenings. even though it is pricy for the ammount you get its shelf life is very long and well worth the investment but i suggest as i have said above use it for evenings it may be too much for daytimes or work etc.



This product comes in a strange shape and also the brushes are slightly weird also and a bit of a pain to use expecially if your not use to using a different style of brush. This product comes with a comb and two sides to the mascara one for lengthening and one for the build up. The lengthener does really work well and does increase the length of your lashes by a long fall and is expecially useful and effective to anyone who have short lashes. Although i did have to place two coats on my lashes to lengthen them to the length i desired, The mascara side i will be honest i hate combs they drive me insane and because i am blind in one eye it is very akward for me to try and do my lashes on my bad eye because sometimes i end up scratching my eye, i would love this product a lot more if i had a brush with it instead. Anyway back to the review i applied the first build up coat and it did do a effect slightly but all it seemed to do is give me a spidery appearance which i suppose could be nice in daytime but i just do not like that effect and once the lashes was dry i applied a second coat which built it up quite a bit but it did slightly clump my lashes together but because of the applicator being a comb it helped to seperate them at the same time. After a fourth and final coat to build up my lashes again they really began to look thicker and fuller, just like some of my false lashes it gave the same effect but unfortunately it did take a lot of layers to get that effect which would be a pain to remove and also could damage the lashes in a sense. The thing i noticed was they did not seem to be grainy or solid which was rather nice concidering how much was on and it lasted all day and night and i only needed to replace one coat and mainly at the tip of my lashes near the end which was very good and everyone commented on how awake i look and how open my eyes seemed with this mascara. You see i have hooded lids so i struggle to get my eyes to open up and seem fuller and other than the clubbing mascara i havent found this effect before. A very nice product not cheap but does last a while so you will find it is worth the cost.



This product boasts that it can lenghten, seperate and even cause the smallest lash to increase in size without clumping them together. Now it sounds brilliant when it is down on paper or on the tv adverts but what they state and what you get is two very different things, whilst the colour is correct it is very black everything else is false. Those adverts just have some model with false lashes on and one coat of this mascara on the top which will do jack on black on black false lashes. I tried this and ended up removing it strange away as the look was just useless, the first coat did nothing for me apart from slightly make my lashes longer but they seemed scattered to the point it just looked stupid. After applying a second and third coat the effect just seemed to get clumpy and spidery in parts not a good look, even my lower lashes was clumping just from the second coat which should be the build up. So for a product which boasted they would not clump your lashes the outcome was no where near there statement. I ended up having to apply seven coats of this mascara just to get a decent look for day use which opened my eyes and make it look effective, now it would have worked if my lashes looked like i only have three massive seperate lashes and two on the bottom which was pathetic even with using a comb like with TYPE THREE it couldnt be seperated and as i said before i removed the mascara and i am not even using that as a base, i gave it to a friend and i was dissapointed with it. False advertising at its best. even the cost in my eyes is too much, TYPE ONE had more effect than this on my lashes.



This use to be my favourite mascara of all time until i used TYPE TWO the product is very simple in the design and also in the style, one side which is used solely for lengthening your lashes and then the second side for the buildup of the coats. Before i use to wear this for everything work, home, out and about and also for clubbing or nights out with the family, i found that i could use it for everything with just changing the ammounts of coats i placed on my lashes. The lengthening side really caused my lashes to build up to be full and very attractive, the length did seem to double also which was a nice change where as most other products do increase the size but a small ammount. Then when i applied the first coat of mascara it really did bring out my eyes in size and the coat was nicely spaced, did not clump or cause my lashes to become spidery, i use to always apply 2 coats for day use which gave me a awake look, opened my eyes and also caused them to be flirtatious to a degree when mixed with the right makeup, Four coats would be for evening wear which would cause them to seem thicker and expericlaly when mixed with a smokey look it looked dramatic, As for clubbing i use to do three coats with this mascara and then one coat with TYPE THREE as it really caused my eyes to pop but even on its own this product sells itself. The product is pricy but well worth buying.



Now this product is annoying because i do not know if i love or hate it.... the packaging is very attractive and the whole idea of a vibrating mascara seems rather strange but at the same time it does work. Takes some getting use to though as it can be very strange. I had to put on a base to lengthen my lashes first because this product for me does not seem to increase the volume. Once the base was applied i then started on the build up using this mascara, first coat, not very impressed, sure it did seperate my lashes, yes it did not clump but it did not increase them in size or make them fuller like the other products. I then placed four other coats seeing how each coat changed the look but the first two coats seemed to be wasteful very little change, then the fourth look make them slightly fuller but nothing like the other effects. The only thing i did like about this product was that it did not clump my lashes, cause them to stiffen or irritate due to ammount of layers. Plus the fact that each lash was always seperated giving a full eye look, just not a big volume look did make your eyes attractive but sadly i think it is only useful when using it as a mascara for day use not for going out. As for the applicator it was interesting, i did not like the whole fact it vibrated because the way you have to hold the applicated changes your placement on how you move your hand to put the layers on. Most women use a normal stance when putting on mascara depending on which side there coming across but with this you have to hold it differently which for me i did not like. Secondly people have said give it time you will get use to the fact it moves and wont notice it but i think the whole fact i had to hold it differently would be the thing which bothered me the most. But it is a good product for day use as i have said but personally there is much better mascaras in this list. Plus its a rip off for the price all your doing is paying for it to move which is a effect you can easily get from lightly shaking your hand.


Avon Colour Sparkle Lash and Line

I use to be a avon rep and this is the one product which i always seemed to use as it has two nice functions, this product comes in two parts one side is the mascara with a decent sized brush and the second side is a silver glitter eyeliner and again a nice applicator. The product though i only used for everyday use because the mascara didnt really increase your lashes or the volume at all but it did make your eyes attractive for normal use. If thought you do want to use it for evening use or clubbing i would suggest using a lengthening part from either from TYPE THREE OR TYPE FIVE and then using TYPE TWO to increase the volume, With TYPE TWO you should only need two applications to get a desired effect and then with adding the silver eyeliner to the top lids and slightly flicking it out you should have a very nice look to go with any style. Avon people assume are cheap or not effective but the reason they have done so well is because a lot of people are becoming more and more sensitive to makeup out there due to the ever adding chemicals to there products whereas with avon you always know what your getting and when i was a avon rep people loved the fact i used there products as they got to see what the colours looked like on different people and it did increase sales. There very value for money because they do good deals where you can get a mascara which will increase your lash size and also get something which will build your volume along with this mascara for £10 or you could just buy the makeup you want to go with the look. i have found better products now because even though i do like the silver liner i have found a whole new line at super drug and also online which do numerous colours and i tend to like experiementing so sadly this is a item which i have placed to the back, once my one runs out i wont be purchasing it again but it is a very nice product, good for money too if you do not want to go with the more expensive ones.


Avon SuperShock Mascara

Now this product is new to me and i really like it, the applicator is very good and big in size which is brilliant to limit your coats, it does lengthen your lashes to a degree but as i have said before getting a seperate lengthening product to increase your lashes first. I do personally like this product because it does a brilliant base coat on your lashes and then does volumize your lashes to become very thick, it can slightly clump your lashes together but it can be changed easily because you just need to run through your lashes with the comb before they dry and bam... you have thick full eye lashes. I suppose if you added this mascara and then used TYPE TWO as a top buffer to your lashes they could become light most of the popular false eyelashes. I got the look i wanted once id primed my lashes twice and then applied the other coats it took me three coats to get the volume i wanted and because the brush is big i found i got every single lash and even my bottom lashes looked a lot fuller. I noticed when i did my makeup this  mascara popped bigtime when i had a smokey effect with deep purple, silver, grey and black they seemed to make me seem vamp and seductive which i really liked, small tip add a small touch of white to the inner of your tear ducts beside your nose and a small bit under your lower lash line and your eyes will open even widen and look doe eyed. A look i adore!!! i tend to usually experiment with colours and never wear just one eye colour because anything can make your eyes pop even more as long as you think about the desired look you want. This product would work really well with the silver lined from TYPE SEVEN and even if you slightly placed some of the eyeliner below your lash line would look even better. Good for the price also. :) First


Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara

First things first this product i can only find online at the moment because of the area i live and can be pricy even if you shop around but it is very much worth it! I found with this product i liked it from the start because i did not need to buff up my lashes to lengthen them, or apply a base coat all i did was apply the first coat which went on thicky and smoothly and then allow it to dry. Once it had dried i noticed a fuller look and placed a second and third coat which gave me the desired look i was going for. My eyes looked very full and seductive without clumping, without causing my eyes to be irritated. The name to be honest leaves a lot to be desired but the packaging is very nice and attractive. Other than what i have said already there is nothing else i can say about this product it delivers exactly what it implys without all the annoying downsides.


L'Oreal Telescopic Explosion Mascara

This product i am sure everyone will say looks very strange concidering the brush is different in size but it does really work that way, it takes time to adapt too in the same sense as the comb. This mascara for me i find it does not have many uses though, i had to lengthen my lashes first twice actually and then add a base coat of mascara, different type of mascara which seperates the lashes and then i used TYPE TWO to increase the volume of my lashes and then finally used this which i noticed for me was expecially useful when trying to reach my inner lashes and the hardest areas to reach. With this applicator it made it really easy to reach all those lashes and completely give you a gorgeous look and make your lashes very full. i find i tend to never get every single lash when i try to no matter what type of applicator i get. But this applicator does give you that effect. Unfortunately when i tried to do my lashes normally with this brush it really just did not work out like id planned it was really annoying to use, more so than the pulse perfection, the colour was striking and did come out fuller but unfortunately i couldnt get every single lash using just this applicator alone so i had to use TYPE TWO once again to get the look i wanted but i used this for the corners of my lashes, lower lashes and also any other single ones i had missed. so the over all effect was indeed something i had wanted.


Well there is all my reviews on each of the products i have brought some are brilliant, others not even worth using as a door stop and lastly just the weird ones. As for me i have changed my top choice now after using the new one and i thought i would give you my personal choices of what i found was the best. In order of best to worst.

Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara
Avon SuperShock Mascara
L'Oreal Telescopic Explosion Mascara
Avon Colour Sparkle Lash and Line

I would love to see comments from people who have these products or have used them prior. I love feedback from other people. :)

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kinda sad....

Its way past midnight now and i cannot sleep, lil one has not stired in four hours even though i kept checking her so i think it is safe to go to bed, if my damn mind will let me. Bur sadly here i am scouting the net looking for fake eyelashes, yes i am a typical girly girl in that sense, i love make up and love experimenting but sadly my eyes lashes leave something to be desired and unless i want to cake them with four different brands of mascara.... then it is not worth the whole thing. Id rather get some fake ones as there is many which are stylish out there and whats more i can base looks from them too. So i thought id share some of my passion with people on here concidering my brain refuses to shut down. Hehe expect some photos of looks soon from some of these products or similar ones.


I have noticed with eye lashes that there is no real difference to some of the styles just a change in price so i tend to buy from either boots or superdrug as i can get a good selection and see them up front, there is nothing worse than buying online and finding there not what you expected. its nice to be able to browse. But saying that i really do like classy lashes which is a online shop as they have a brilliant selection if you want to be a bit daring.

these are one of my all time favs and i have to replace my ones cause i have had them a while and i find you should replace the ones you wear the most after a time. there very easy to add and very soft to wear, none of that brisles or tickling on your brow line. Plus they really have a stylish look with dramatic purples, reds, oranges, blues and greens. Silvers and golds well makes you look like a drag queen so maybe lighter lashes for those looks xD plus at £3.20 you cannot go wrong either.

as i said for the lighter styles these are much better i love using these which is another set i have with light pale colours, Expecially with a sunset look these really look pretty. Basically i use a three shade colouring on my lids, a darker orange on the lids, light red blended on the curve and slightly on the brow bone followed by a pale orange on the rest of the brow line. Then blend it in slightly and add liner to top lids, slightly curving with these lashes it does look stylish and not too heavy as well.

a new one i found and am wanting to try, there real hair so i am a bit on the stopper at the moment, for some reason i dont like the real hairs ones that much as they really tend to irritate my eyes but with these ones i wouldnt even want to darken the lashes and because i have blue eyes they would really stand out. but am i to change my mind and wear real hair ones which could irrate throughout the night and ruin a look.

im really partial to these styles i have the third blue one along and it looks black most of the time until the light hits it, then it gives a nice tone, expecially good with bright colours and also with black. but unless you want your eyes to look too dark add a bit of white as a undertone on the lower lashes lid and also a bit on the inside of your tear ducts. the pink well i want to be slightly daring when i go out haha.

this few are ones i have wanted to try for ages but feathers well it can seem very weird, expecially the last set, god knows what look you could use them with and with the yellow well i think wed all agree there rather strange lol.


So there you have the lashes i have become addicted to or want to try with some styles as for the makeup i have gotten a bit addicted to some bright colours and glitters. guess thats the type of season were in at the moment as a lot of people tend to be using that. get ready as im just going to post pictures and comment last not like before. expect some very very bright colours rofl.

these are pictures all from www.medusasmakeup.com but dont worry there not that bad. For such a long time i sought high and low for colours which gleamed like these ones do and sadly those i found either clumped, didnt last or simply didnt go on as dark or bright as they should. So since i tried out these i own 90 percent of these colours now expect for the last five, i need some new blacks and the fourth one on the last line i have not seen before and i need a colour like that so ive ordered those last five as the lights can work as good concealers. Also you dont have to be boring and wear just one colour on your eyes, experiment for new looks expecially if yuo have rather closed lids like i do, i need a bright colour to open my eyes up a bit.

glitters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is something im slightly new too, using glitter to make my eyes pop but since using shooting star, jupiter, wicca and ziggy i must say i have become a fan, although one thing i must add about using glitter is that

1) make sure it is approved glitter which is ok to use on your face or body
2) use a base first underneath and use the glitter just to make your eyes pop
3) if your finding your getting way too much down pour from using it, simply put a small piece of card or fabric under your eye. mimial downpour.

as i have said there pretty useless on there own because they can feel very gritty but as part of a base it can become very eye catching and new which when your clubbing you want new looks, smokey looks are very in this season but why not try something more daring it will attract more people, more attention and will let people know your confident, best way to be, you dont have to be confident but when classed up with this stuff you should wear your confidence like makeup, be daring and let it radient from you.


well i think i have bored you all enough and by god i think i wont have a problem falling alseep now rofl

links have be placed if people like any of the looks, the first lashes were from super drug. Enjoy
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